It's time to prioritize profit over revenue.

Put more dollars in your bank account with a margin-optimized growth strategy.

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Our growth audit will help you uncover what it means to be profitable and where you can find opportunities for profitable scale.

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Reduced CAC 24% in 1 month while maintaining new customer revenue. Identified customer purchase behavior that helped create a new product offering.

Uncovered a Hero SKU for paid advertising, adjusted to an evergreen business model, led to 62% YoY growth

Identified hundreds of thousand in annual spend being wasted for a brand executing an influencer marketing strategy at scale

Formulated new product sampling offer that reduced CAC and improved 150-day LTV an additional 50% over LTV

Here's what the Growth Audit includes:

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Free Growth Audit for qualified brands (doing at least $1M/year in DTC sales) will help you identify profit opportunities within your marketing.
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